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Technology offers exciting new opportunities for supporting and expanding human-animal interaction and bonding. What is related to these opportunities and how to design for bonding?

This workshop on November 21st 2017 at ACI 2017 conference (International conference on Animal-Computer Interaction) explores the use and influence of technology on human-animal interaction and bonding, and investigates how to facilitate these at their best. We aim to bring together academics and practitioners from different fields interested in human-animal interaction and bond, emotions, welfare, and behavior, including, but not limited to ACI, HCI and technology researchers and professionals, animal behaviorists, veterinarians, psychologists, and other professionals from relevant fields and disciplines.

We explore the elements and characteristics of human-animal interaction and bonding, what contributes to them, and how technology is connected to emotions and bonding between the human and the animal. We are particularly interested in the animal’s experiences, emotions, and well-being.

Workshop facilitates network building, discussion, creates a framework to support design activities, identifies future research themes, and creates ideas on facilitating the mutual bonding in human-animal interaction. We focus in this workshop on dogs, but this workshop aims to pave way for further investigations and research with other domestic animals, such as cats, horses, and rabbits.

The official Call for Participation has ended and we have informed the participants. But if you would like to join our workshop, don’t hesitate to contact us: turre-tutkimus@uta.fi