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Have you used a dog’s activity tracker or health monitoring device? Please share your experiences!

We are interested in your experiences in using dog’s smart collars and activity tracking or health monitoring devices (such as FitBark, PetPace, Whistle etc.).

Please answer to this survey by the 15th of September 2017.


Why is this page turre.fi?

“Turre” is a common Finnish dog’s name, but it can refer to any cute and furry friend. The English equivalent could be Buddy, for example. As the Finnish name of our project is “Turre ja Toivoset 2.0”, its English equivalent is “Buddy and the Smiths 2.0”.

What is Buddy and the Smiths?

Buddy and the Smiths 2.0 is a research project with two main goals:

  1. To study and develop technology and digital services that
    1. enhance the social and emotional bond between dogs and humans
    2. improve the monitoring of dog well‑being
    3. make the everyday lives of dog owners easier
  1. To promote the Finnish business ecosystem for dog technology and smart data services

Why Buddy and the Smiths?

The emotional bond between a dog and its owner can be as intense as a human-to-human relationship. The dog becomes a fully integrated family member, and the human members of the family are motivated to deepen this bond and improve the well‑being of their dog. Technology and Finnish expertise can help meet this demand. However, more research is needed, for example, in order to make smarter interpretations of dog monitoring data. Questions of data presentation, sustainable use motivations and the user experience of both dogs and dog owners are also crucial in seizing the business potential of this field.

Who are we?

Our scientific consortium consists of four research groups based at the University of Tampere, Tampere University of Technology and the University of Helsinki. In addition, Vetcare Ltd and Best Friend Group Ltd are carrying out R&D projects alongside our scientific research. The project is also supported by Finnish organisations in the pet industry, such as SmartDog, Kaunila, the Finnish Agility Association, Vet clinic EHYT, Petsofi, FitDog Finland, the Three Plus Group and Lymed.

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New research paper: Canine emotions as seen through human social cognition

“Dogs attend to social cues, they respond appropriately to the valence of human and dog facial expressions and vocalizations of emotion, and their limbic reward regions respond to the odor of their caretakers. They behave differently according to the emotional situation, show emotionally driven expectations, have affective disorders, and exhibit some subcomponents of empathy. The canine brain includes a relatively large prefrontal cortex, and like primates, dogs have a brain area specialized for face perception. Dogs have many degrees of emotion, but the full extent of dog emotions remains unknown.”

Read more about the latest scientific knowledge on canine emotions from the

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